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About the Website

Galet Press is all about putting together the best set of invitations and related wedding paper for your wedding and your theme. That takes a lot of work but we're thrilled to do it. The whole experience is fun and rewarding.

When we're not creating our own pretty wedding stationary we're featuring the work of other talented indie designers. And we're picky. Only the very best designs make it onto the site.

Why Rustic

We love the look, the feel, and the charm that only a rustic wedding invitation can offer. And we've been in love with it long before the whole "style" became "trendy". You don't have to be a country girl to appreciate what rustic is all about. It isn't about growing up on a farm, but if you did then you'll love it all the more. Rustic is about colors, emotions, a sense of nature, and a touch of simplicity. That is one reason why your background is irrelevant. The style creates an ambiance that is both warm and intimate, and it is perfect for weddings!