Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

About These Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

Just like red roses, the hydrangea is a common wedding flower, at least to rustic weddings.

The hydrangea much like the sunflower has found it's was into the bouquets, centerpieces, and vases of many country weddings. And there is a good reason, too.

This beautiful flower comes in many of the most common wedding colors. You will find blue, white, pink, and of course purple hydrangea's, all of which can easily find a place in our wedding preparations.

They also work well in conjunction with the other styles of decorations common to rustic country affairs. This can be seen in the string lights mason jar wedding invitations that are often filled with this lovely flower.

It isn't uncommon to find the flower filling the tables at the reception either. As you can see in the rustic mason jar wedding invitations it might be hard to imagine a wedding without them.