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We love wedding invitations, especially when they capture the true rustic country look and feel. Our selection of hand picked templates offer that and a lot more. When you make an order you are also given the opportunity to save as much as 40% on the base price.

Choose from easy to customize templates that are perfect for rustic, country, western, and cowboy weddings.

But what is an invite when it doesn't have the matching stationary? Once you have picked the perfect invitation template, create a complete set with the matching announcements, RSVP cards, stamps, stickers, return address labels, save the date post cards, wedding programs, and other accessories, many of which include their own special discounts.

There are no minimum orders, so celebrate as small or as large as you like without worrying about the cost of invitations. Each invitation comes with a complimentary standard envelope, but custom pocket fold envelope options are also available.

We've selected only the best for our hand-picked collection of rustic wedding invitations. Our collections are filled with some of the most amazing examples of rustic and country themed stationary you will find for your wedding. Each invitation is selected with care for it own special and unique qualities.

These hand picked invitations combine the best from the country and rustic invitations to form the base for a truly charming set of invitations and related wedding paper.

Hand Selected Invitations

When you look for an invitation for your chic country wedding you want options that give you a beautiful blend between rustic charm and ease of design. The hand selected nature of the designs you'll find on our site offer both features in one wonderful package.

By picking the best that the rustic country theme has to offer you'll be able to compliment your Big Day in a number of different ways. This gives almost unlimited freedom when it comes to matching your invitations to the theme you've selected for your rustic country wedding. And when it comes to achieving your dream wedding the more options the better. And now you can choose from a huge catalog of card shapes and paper types and save on all of your favorite designs.

Enjoy the sensation of getting the perfect invitations and get as much as 40% their normal price at the same time.

Search for Rustic Wedding Invitations

Create Country Invitations for Your Wedding

With these incredible invitation templates you can easily create the fitting theme for your rustic country wedding. Choose from a great assortment of styles and designs to incorporate the elements that are important to you into the layout. When you're finished creating your invite you'll be pleased with the results. Not only will you have an incredible looking invitation that reflects your individuality, but you will also have a high-quality and affordable card. Just take a look at what these country invites offer and see if they will fit your wedding. This is just a small portion of a much larger selection, take a look and what else there is to find for your country wedding. Or if you have different rustic ideas in mind you'll be pleased to learn we offer a wide range of country options as well.

If you want to style your country wedding with the rustic touch there are a number of excellent options for you. Burlap and lace offers an elegant touch, while a touch of vintage country can add a chic country feel to your wedding.

With hundreds of incredible styles to choose from you are able to find the right blend of country and rustic for the perfect style.

Mix and match elements from both types to create a beautiful set of wedding invitations. We've got everything you need to make the set your way, with the look you've always wanted.

We're certain that it comes as no surpise to you that a rustic wedding invitation comes in more than one flavor. There are a wide variety of designs and themes for you to choose from, allowing you to get exactly what you want from your wedding paper.

Here are a few of the themes you'll find featured on the site:

fall country weddings

Coming soon to the site woodland wedding invitations.

We promised they were coming, and now they are finally here. We're thrilled to be able to offer some of the most charming examples of a truly rustic nature you'll be able to find for your big day. Woodland invitations for magical weddings. This marks the beginning of a new series of designs that we will be featuring here, a more natural side of a rustic wedding. Incorporating the look of boho, camo, and more.

Not Just Any Rustic Look

As you browse through the site, you will notice how much variation and beauty these invitations offer. A rustic invite needs to be more than just a couple of colors and some text. To look real, it has to be real. And the designers have captured this feeling perfectly. Many hours of work have been invested so that you have the perfect base to start laying out your wedding details. Because, when you look for rustic country themed wedding stationary you expect more than just a splash of color and some clip art. You want a design that embodies your expectation and they invitations do that flawlessly.

They give you the perfect look that is ideal for all of the different country wedding themes, including: mason jar, barbed wire, sunflower, western, barn, horseshoe, burlap and lace, cowboy, or even western. Because no matter the direction you celebration is taking you will want to capture fitting look and feel for your big day.

Mason Jar Wedding Designs

One of the most popular, and yes even requested, styles of invitation has these mason jar designs. And we're sure that can clearly see why. These impressive templates offer some of truly eye catching layouts that play with the beauty and simplicity of country and rustic elements. You can quickly add elements to them that will put everything into focus for your big day.

Add your wedding details to any of them and see what they look like before you order. Next, go ahead and choose a quantity, with no minimum order limits you can order as few or as many as you need. If you fall into one of the many discount brackets your discount will be subtracted from the base price. Who ever said wedding are expensive sure missed out on some incredible savings. But that doesn't have to be you, save 40% right now when you order your invitations.

Make Your Wedding Bohemian With These Invitations

The great part about celebrating a wedding in the country is all of the different opportunities it presents. This site is a testament to all of the various directions you can take a rustic wedding. And with these bohemian wedding invitation templates you're free to be even more creative.

There are plenty of reasons why you might choose to celebrate a more natural wedding. With all of the pomp that is added to the modern wedding our country rustic invitations give you a chance to pause and focus on the real purpose of your celebration. Your union.

Bohemian wedding invitations are some of the newest additions to the site, but they have also been one of the most popular. And if you're one of the couples that wants, no expects, your formal affair to be, well, less formal you can hardly go wrong with a lovely set of boho invites. And if you're looking for a matching set, don't worry. Many of the bohemian designs here have been created with you in mind. Find the fitting Save the Date, RSVP, Rehearsal Dinner, Thank You and other accessories that complete the look and feel you are going for.

Printed to Your Specifications

What is the point in creating the perfect design when you can't have it printed the way you want? When you start creating from one of these templates you'll have control over the design & layout, the form as well as paper quality. This gives you an incredible option to shape the card just the way you want.

As you know the right paper is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting amazing print results. And each design is different.

Now, finding the right paper for your design has never been easier. Here are the paper styles you can choose right now. When you make a selection your design is updated to reflect the new paper. That way you know what your invitation can look like before you click checkout.

Choose from These Paper Types

  • The Signature Collection
    Made in the USA.
    • Semi-Gloss
    • Matte
  • The Traditional Collection
    Made in the USA.
    • Laid
    • Linen
    • Columned
  • The Artisan Collection
    Made in the USA using 100% wind powered electricity.
    • Felt White
    • Felt Ecru
    • Kraft
  • The Luxe Collection
    Made in Italy.
    • Pearl Shimmer
    • Champagne Shimmer
    • Metallic Silver

Add a String of Lights to Your Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for an excellent way to combine your wedding with your rustic invitations? That's easy. These string of lights give you the perfect opportunity to combine your rustic wedding with your stationary. It is rare that a country celebration is complete without at least one string of lights, and if you haven't add any yet, now is the time. They provide your wedding reception with a warmth and charm that is hard to achieve without them, and easy to achieve with them. So what are you waiting for? Give your guests a taste of the warmth and joy they will be receiving when you include string lights on your invites.

Save on the Whole Wedding Invitation Set

Get 40% Off Your Order Today! Enjoy a huge discount when you place an order for 100 invitations or more. Celebrate your rustic wedding and save. After all, there is no point in having a country wedding if you have to sell the farm to afford it. And the savings don't stop with invites alone.

This includes matching your rustic invite with the fitting RSVP cards, envelopes and more, giving you the room to create the set you have always wanted. We've highlighted some of the most popular invitations you will find on the website right here. But we have many styles and themes for you to choose from. The idea of creating the perfect rustic resource for brides-to-be. And it is that strive for perfection that encourages us to add new and unique options every day.

We already have many amazing options for you to choose from. Each of the invitations you see here has been expertly crafted to allow you to add your important wedding details with ease. They also allow you to express your creativity with the same ease. Allowing you to focus on the look and feel of your invitation and without requiring your precious time.

On top of all of that you can expect to not only save time but money as well. Discounts apply to all of the invitations featured here. Additional stationary may be subject to its own discount options. To give you a better idea of what that means here is a better way to look at what your wedding paper might cost if you take advantage of your special pricing options.

As you can see you stand to save twenty-five percent on your order when you invite fifty guests or more. Still, with the most popular options you stand to save forty percent on your paper needs when you order more than one hundred wedding invitations. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your perfect invite today!

New Pocket Fold Envelopes

Do you really want to complete your suite of invites? No wedding invitation is complete without a matching pocket fold envelope. Even if you're going for the rustic or country theme a pocket fold will add that final touch to make your design stand out.

And their are plenty of options to choose from.

With 10 color options to choose from your can easily find the right color scheme to match your cards and weddings tone. Here are all of the available pocket fold envelope options. Note how each color uniquely reflects the rustic nature of the site.

Black Linen


Ecru Micah







White Micah

Our Hand Selected Options Feature

Each of the invitation cards featured here offer the following features.

  1. Full-color Printing
    Reset assured that your invite will look great even when you add photos!
  2. Two Sided Prints
    While some of the offers you will find online only offer single sided prints, the invitations here are fully customizable two sided prints. That means you get a full-color front and back print and you can still save up to 40%.
  3. Customizable Templates
    Enjoy easy to customize templates or create your own invitation from scratch with easy to use tools. Edit the look and feel on your iPhone, notebook, or desktop and get the same high-quality.
  4. 6 Border Types
    Choose from 6 unique border types to give your invites and announcements your personal look and feel.
  5. 12 Luxurious Paper Types
    Get the look and feel that you want with 12 different paper types to finalize your design.
  6. Fast ServiceDo you need your order in a hurry? Your invitations will be printed and shipped within 24 hours once you place your order.
  7. American Made, American Proud
    Made in America! We're proud to say that your invitations will be printed and shipped from California.
  8. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Do you need another reason to order? If great savings, fast production, American quality aren't enough, rest assured that you satisfaction matters. If you aren't completely happy with your order Zazzle offers a 30 day, replacement, exchange, or refund policy.

So if you're in the market for incredible burlap, mason jar, barn wood, or even country and western horseshoes invitations for your rustic country wedding you've found the source you were looking for.